I love dogs because…

I love this dog because, in spite of his situation, he was in such good spirits. He had been discarded, left at a high kill shelter. Thanks to the Pilots N Paws organization, he found a new loving home. Winter/Holiday issue of THE NEW BARKER will be out in just a few days.

Author: Anna Cooke

Anna Cooke put a fine art career on hold to enter the advertising world. The name Anna Cooke became synonymous with creative excellence as she went on to become a celebrated art director and then creative director of international renown. Her award-winning design work for industry giants ABC, D&B, and others, eventually led to an agency partnership which exists to this day. Anna Cooke is also co-founder and editor of the awarding-winning dog magazine, The New Barker. "What matters most is what you have done, not what others have done to you."

3 thoughts on “I love dogs because…”

  1. I absolutely love it when people rescue dogs. I am an actual licensed and the only licensed french bulldog breeder in Pinellas county for over 8 years through Animal Control and the frenchy breeder of HappyKennels.net that was written about in the Spring 2008 New Barker Issue. I was honored because the New Barker supports rescue, but I met the Editors approval. But when I go to Animal Control it troubles me to visit the dogs in the kennels there. They are all Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes. My rescue guard dog passed this year but the fear I have from the pitbulls because of the abuse they are exposed to as little pups and on keeps me from taking one home. I feel so bad for them and wantta just let them loose, but am afraid they would hurt someone. I really believe that the Animal Control across America needs to really crack down on those that abuse such anilmals or any animals for that matter. As a breeder, I think its important not to breed dogs that are ro might end up in shelters. Thats part of being a responsible breeder.

      1. I still brag by showing your magazine that you came and took pics of my pups and take it as an honor that you could find us up to your standards to do so. Thank you. I love my dogs and they are truely my family. When I sell a pup, I main concern is not that they have the money to buy them as much as I care in keep my promise to my dogs/ family that I would only find them forever homes or make the person promise to bring them back should they not be able for some reason to do so.

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