The Dog Homefront: The Perfect Accessories for A Dog Lover’s Home.

Day trips are perks in our line of work. We meet new dogs and enjoy listening to humans tell their favorite¬† dog stories. Talking about dogs instantly puts a smile on everyone’s face and the room at ease. Here are some of our favorite stops over the last couple of weeks. DUNEDIN We recently met… Continue reading The Dog Homefront: The Perfect Accessories for A Dog Lover’s Home.

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Meeting Fellow Dog Lovers

Waiting (not patiently) for the newest edition of The New Barker dog magazine to come off the presses, it seemed like a good idea to attend a couple of dog events. Listening to what other people are dealing with, especially in the world of animal advocacy and dog rescue, puts things back into proper perspective.… Continue reading Meeting Fellow Dog Lovers

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A Beautiful Dog, Each & Every One.

by Anna Cooke, Editor In Chief, The New Barker dog magazine. After the winter 2017/18 edition of The New Barker was released in December, Aimee Sadler, founder of Dogs Playing For Life, gave us a call. We had interviewed her as part of our feature story on the Ontario 21, the dogs confiscated in a… Continue reading A Beautiful Dog, Each & Every One.

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Let’s Go Global.

by Anna Cooke and Heather Schulman Even with a concise list of manufacturers to visit, we managed to get sidetracked at Global Pet Expo, last week in Orlando. The industry trade show for pet retailers is sensory overload with miles and miles of displays and products. Thank DOG for the various canines walking the floor,… Continue reading Let’s Go Global.

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A Bed For Every Shelter Dog.

Cold weather in Florida, with recent record-breaking temperatures hitting freezing or below in some areas, has a strange way of motivating Floridians. What began with a simple post on a personal Facebook page has blossomed into a full-blown movement, proving once again, that there is good in this world. While visiting a couple of shelters… Continue reading A Bed For Every Shelter Dog.