The World According To Arf.

The New Barker is Florida’s top dog lifestyle magazine. It’s fun, informative, relevant and entertaining. In this our 12th year of publishing, The New Barker has developed a loyal, intelligent following of readers and fans. The quarterly magazine has captured the coveted niche market of affluent dog lovers by appealing to commonalities such as a love of dogs, a love of original art, a love of information that informs and motivates readers, and a love of seeing dogs photographed in local, dog friendly environments.

5 thoughts on “The World According To Arf.”

  1. Just met up w/ Jan/Spirit4Aussie Rescue, who’s driving to Aussie Gathering/Mulberry. Taking copies of The New Barker for new fans. Yesterday Jan rescued an Aussie 1 hour from being euthanized. Was told dog was a 2 year-old female. After taking dog to vet who shaved the badly matted dog: she is a he, about 8 years old. Badly infected ear: fish hook embedded in flap. As Jan fosters, we’ll get PupDates.

  2. Well it’s top o’ the morning to ya as our editor is off this morning to “Bark O’ The Irish”, a St. Patrick’s Day homage/fundraiser for Humane Society of Tampa. Come on out for food, fun, games & helping the homeless pups. Al Lopez Park near the stadium in Tampa.

  3. Today we’re off to Sarasota’s Lakewood Ranch for the annual Pug Parade. The always-entertaining Bob Plunket will host hundreds of pretentious Pugs as they strut their stuff to the cheers and applause of judges and a pugnacious audience of Pug lovers. We’ll get the pics and behind-the-scenes scoop for TNB’s Spring issue dropping in late March. Stay tuned…

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