The Skip Show goes to the dogs with THE NEW BARKER…

Monday 10/10 between 3p-4p. Guests: Dahlia Canes with Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation; Pam Perry with HCAS Pit Crew; singer/songwriter John Shipe. Show streams live. Call in at 727.441.3000. BTW, these folks will be special guests at The Pit Bull Awareness Event, October 15 too, benefiting Pit Bull Happenings, Busters & Fosters Haven, Pibbles to the Rescue.

Author: Anna Cooke

Anna Cooke put a fine art career on hold to enter the advertising world. The name Anna Cooke became synonymous with creative excellence as she went on to become a celebrated art director and then creative director of international renown. Her award-winning design work for industry giants ABC, D&B, and others, eventually led to an agency partnership which exists to this day. Anna Cooke is also co-founder and editor of the awarding-winning dog magazine, The New Barker. "What matters most is what you have done, not what others have done to you."