Belgrade Scoops the Poop.

The city of Belgrade (Serbia’s capital) has found a cheeky (pun intended) way to promote scooping the poop. Apparently, Belgrade has a pretty big problem with dog owners not cleaning up after their pets.

City officials hired advertising agency McCann Erickson Belgrade to create an awareness campaign that also proves the town doesn’t have a shortage of nice butts. In theory, the campaign suggests that when residents bend over to clean up the dog poop, they’re actually creating an even more beautiful city in more ways than one.

This information comes to The New Barker, Florida’s top dog magazine, via Ads of the World.

Author: Anna Cooke

Anna Cooke put a fine art career on hold to enter the advertising world. The name Anna Cooke became synonymous with creative excellence as she went on to become a celebrated art director and then creative director of international renown. Her award-winning design work for industry giants ABC, D&B, and others, eventually led to an agency partnership which exists to this day. Anna Cooke is also co-founder and editor of the awarding-winning dog magazine, The New Barker. "What matters most is what you have done, not what others have done to you."