THE NEW BARKER Come on out to Hyde Park tomorrow morning. Register in front of Downtown Dogs to be part of the casting call for America’s next Top Dog Model. Producers are looking for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s free, fun and your dog doesn’t need a costume/get-up to be part of the casting call. Gifts, vendors, radio remote and more.

Recycling Homeless Dogs.

Conspicuous consumption. Instant gratification. Easily disposable.
Society’s habits have caused an over-abundance of homeless dogs in shelters, rescue groups and foster homes. Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, and leading up to this day we’ve been provided with what seems like an over-abundance of media tips on how to be more green – by recycling, re-purposing or re-focusing our lifestyles.

Well, if you can stand one more, here’s another tip from The New Barker: if you’re thinking about bringing a puppy into your home, consider this: adopt a recycled dog.

What is a recycled dog? Dogs, who for one reason or another, had previous lives with a human being or family. Through no fault of their own, they now find themselves homeless, in a shelter – hopeful the one they love will return. For those of you reading this, you already know what will happen to these creatures if homes cannot be found for them. In fact, you may have already rescued a shelter dog by adopting one. Can you find room in your home for one more?

The Florida State Fairgrounds will be the site of the Tampa Pet Adoption Expo this Saturday, April 24 between 10a and 4p ( You will be able to see hundreds of puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes available for adoption. There will be the Heinz 57 breed and senior dogs available as well. These dogs have been vet checked; they will be current on their vaccinations; they will have already been personality tested.

The work that the shelters and rescue groups do up to the point of adoption means that the dogs can be better matched with their new families. You’ll be apprised of the dog’s personality traits, the needs and care required. You will probably know more about what to expect from your newly recycled dog than the pure-bred puppy you might be considering buying from the puppy store.

Tampa Pets is a partnership between the ASPCA, Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County Animal Services and more than 50 rescue groups. Formed three years ago, the partnership had a goal to reduce Hillsborough County’s euthanasia rate by 50% by the end of 2012. Their efforts have been so effective that they are on target to meet that goal by the end of 2010.

So this weekend in honor of Earth Day, you can help save Mother Earth, one homeless dog at a time. Adopt a recycled dog.

THE NEW BARKER Be sure to listen to Mason Dixon, Monday morning on Q105 around 8:30am. Tampa Pet’s own Kelly H. will be interviewed by Mason for the April 24 Tampa Pet Adoption Expo, “Pets & Parrotheads” @ the Florida State Fairgrounds. The adoptables will be interviewed by Mason as well 😉

Just met up w/ Jan/Spirit4Aussie Rescue, who’s driving to Aussie Gathering/Mulberry. Taking copies of The New Barker for new fans. Yesterday Jan rescued an Aussie 1 hour from being euthanized. Was told dog was a 2 year-old female. After taking dog to vet who shaved the badly matted dog: she is a he, about 8 years old. Badly infected ear: fish hook embedded in flap. As Jan fosters, we’ll get PupDates.

Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya’

Well it’s top o’ the morning to ya as our editor is off this morning to “Bark O’ The Irish”, a St. Patrick’s Day homage/fundraiser for Humane Society of Tampa. Come on out for food, fun, games & helping the homeless pups. Al Lopez Park near the stadium in Tampa. Then head over to Dunedin Dog Rescue’s Suds On Saturday this afternoon at The Dunedin Brewery.

On The Road Again…

This weekend’s whirlwind tour of events included covering Sarasota’s Pug Parade, SPCA Tampa Bay’s Dog Games, Orlando’s Doglympics & the NAKC All Breed Show in Kissimmee. Check back in a few hours and check out the pics.

Bayer, winner of the 2009 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Bayer and his owner Gary Duke traveled to Orlando from Wesley Chapel to participate in the University of Doglando's Doglympics. Dogs and their owners traveled from as far away as California and Canada to participate in the games.

Riley, a four month old Pug visiting the Pug Parade in Sarasota from St. Pete.

Costco the Yellow Lab tries the Dock Diving Speed Retrieve event at Sunday's DogLympics in Avalon Park, Orlando.

A puppy tries his skills at the SPCA Tampa Bay's Dog Games.