The New Barker Dog Magazine on the Radio Today.

Be sure to tune in to THE NEW BARKER edition of The Skip Show today between 1 and 2p EST. At 1:30 we’ll be discussing “he who shall remain nameless” and his new clothing line. Hint: football season is just around the corner, and the hype is on for the man who claims redemption for his “immature” behavior regarding dog fighting. Call in to give us your thoughts. Should we move on (he obviously has)? 727.441.3000. Or email Skip at

The New Barker dog magazine has been part of The SkipShow with CMA award-winning radio personality, Skip Mahaffey every Monday afternoon since July, 2011. We talk about all things dog, and add some dog-themed music to the mix. Sometimes, we are even able to stump Skip on our musical selection. Go to and click onto the microphone to listen live on your computer.